Program Components

By applying to the Mo’orea Spring 2023 program, you are agreeing to participate in each of these program components. Program calendar and dates are subject to change.

Date(s) Component
tbd Pre-Departure Orientation
tbd Departure to Mo'orea
tbd Arrival to Mo'orea & Program Housing Move-In
tbd On-site courses at the Gump Station
tbd Program Housing Move-Out and Departure from Mo’orea
tbd Remote Capstone Project



To be eligible to participate in the program you must: ● Be a current matriculated UCB student ● Have at least Junior Standing by Spring 2022 ● Have a 2.5 GPA or higher ● Be at least 18 years old by January 2, 2022 ● Have a passport valid with an expiration date beyond Oct 2022 ● Have proof of complete Covid-19 vaccination (French Polynesia requirement)



Non-enrolled family members and others accompanying participants, faculty or staff of the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program cannot be accommodated in program lodging, courses or activities held in conjunction with the program. Program classes, excursions, guest lectures, meals, program-provided transportation, and all other program-related activities and events are open only to those officially enrolled in the program. Summer Sessions & Study Abroad will not provide support services or assume any responsibility for those not enrolled in the program.


Application & Admission

To be considered for participation on the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program, eligible students must complete and submit the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program online application, which includes submitting your electronic signature and uploading all the required documents for review. Each student's complete application will be reviewed in the order received. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed for consideration and will jeopardize a student's registration in the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program.

Students will receive confirmation of their acceptance to the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program by Monday, October 18th, via email from the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program staff. If a student is offered admission to the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program and decides not to participate in the program they must log into the BSA Portal and complete the Request to Cancel form. Nonrefundable program expenses will be incurred if cancellation is submitted after the November 30, 2021 deadline.



The Mo’orea Spring 2022 program will accept a limited number of students on a waitlist. Students will be notified no later than November 1, 2021 if space becomes available. Admitted waitlist students are subject to the same cancellation fee deadlines.



All program courses are taken for Berkeley credit and will appear automatically on your Berkeley transcript. Students are advised to review the program eligibility criteria and coursework prior to registering for the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program to ensure all programmatic components align with their academic background and educational goals.

Berkeley Study Abroad program staff will enroll Mo’orea Spring 2022 participants in their courses on a Letter grade basis after admission to the program. If students wish to select the Pass/Not Pass option, they can change their grading option via CalCentral by the set deadlines delineated by their college. If a deadline has passed, students should contact their college adviser regarding the process to submit a late petition for enrollment changes. Students must enroll in all five on-site courses, AND complete the independent study course after the on-site program is complete. Dual enrollment in UC Berkeley courses outside of the Mo’orea Spring program curriculum is not possible.

You are expected to remain on-site at the Gump Station and attend classes regularly during all academic sessions. Expect classes to be held Monday-Friday.

Program courses are subject to change.


Academic & Other Accommodations

Mo’orea Spring 2022 program participants are encouraged to disclose any accommodations (physical, academic, etc.) they may need as early as possible. Program staff will work with you through the interactive process to provide reasonable accommodations to the extent possible given the realities of the country to which you will be traveling and the time at which the accommodation request is made. It is recommended that you reach out to the program staff and to the Disabled Students Program as accommodations are determined by an individual assessment of each student.


Program Preparation

All participants are required to attend the virtual pre-departure orientation conducted by program faculty, staff, and student services. Participants must also complete a swim test on UC campus in advance of program departure. Additionally students must complete and submit all Health Clearance forms by the November 1st deadline to be cleared to travel. If the student is unable to attend required program events or submit required documentation for any reason, it is the student's responsibility to notify program staff.

Students will receive an in-depth orientation when they arrive abroad. During this mandatory orientation, you will meet the on-site staff and receive extensive information about health, safety, and emergency procedures; program academics and housing, the local area, and transportation.



During the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program, you are required to live in program housing arranged by the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program staff.



You must hold a valid passport in order to submit your application for the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the end date of the program. Students that submit an invalid passport will be deemed incomplete for review and be ineligible for the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program.



Depending on your citizenship status you may need to obtain a visa. There may be different requirements for U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens. It is your responsibility to prepare any visa documents that are necessary to enter the country based on your citizenship status. You will receive visa instructions upon confirmation to the program and during your pre-departure orientation. The Mo’orea Spring 2022 program staff will provide you with key documentation necessary for entry into French Polynesia. Staff will also instruct you about additional documentation that you will need in advance of departure. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure they have all necessary visa documentation before departure.



Students will be responsible for booking their own travel into Mo’orea, and arriving on the set program start date.



UC Berkeley requires all students to have major medical insurance, and provides the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to meet this requirement. Students are automatically enrolled in SHIP at the beginning of each academic year, but have the option to waive SHIP coverage with proof of equivalent private insurance.

During your Mo’orea program, you are also enrolled in UC Berkeley Student Travel Insurance, which does not qualify as major medical coverage according to guidelines set by the Affordable Care Act (and does not satisfy SHIP waiver criteria). Please be advised that UC travel insurance will not cover foreseeable COVID-19 related risks, such as infection or foreign flight cancellations, at this time.

Mo’orea spring students must either stay enrolled in SHIP insurance for Spring 2022 and pay the SHIP fee on CalCentral (due in mid-January 2022), OR waive SHIP insurance for Spring 2022 using private insurance that meets SHIP waiver criteria. If you waived SHIP insurance using private insurance at the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, your SHIP waiver will continue for Spring 2022, and no further action is required.

If you are enrolled in SHIP for Fall 2021 but you wish to waive out of SHIP insurance for the spring semester, you must complete an online opt- out waiver. For more information, please visit the UHS Website, contact the UHS office via phone at (510) 642-5700, or email If an emergency situation should arise abroad, you should contact local authorities and medical staff. Whenever possible, local program staff should be kept informed regarding safety concerns or issues. Information about what to do in an emergency while abroad, including emergency contact details, will be available in your Student Handbook and will also be discussed during the program pre-departure and on-site orientations.


Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for eligible students who have completed a 2021-2022 FAFSA. You are encouraged to meet with a Berkeley Study Abroad financial aid counselor to review your estimated financial aid package based on the program budget. All financial aid counseling for study abroad will be offered remotely during Fall 2021. Check the advising schedule for additional information, or write to with your questions.

When the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office calculates the amount of aid offered for participation in the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program, they consider not only the tuition and program fee charges but also any out-of-pocket expenses students may incur during the program. The charges posted directly to your CalCentral My Finances tab for the tuition and the program fee are part of the total expenses that will be incurred while abroad. When the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office calculates the amount of aid offered for participation in the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program , they consider not only the tuition and program fee charges but also any out-of-pocket expenses students may incur during the program. The charges posted directly to your CalCentral My Finances tab for the tuition and the program fee are part of the total expenses that will be incurred while abroad.

If a student requires financial aid to cover program costs, it is their responsibility to obtain confirmation in advance of any program deadlines. The inability to pay the program fee or tuition is not a valid reason to receive a refund of the fees associated with the Mo’orea Spring 2022 Program.

Early program start advisory: This program begins prior to the start of instruction at UC Berkeley in Spring 2022. To facilitate your participation in an early start program as a financial aid recipient, the Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships office will disburse federal, state, and university grants, and outside scholarships if the funds have already been received by Berkeley according to your program start date. Loans cannot be disbursed more than 10 days prior to the start of instruction of on-campus courses at UC Berkeley. Your financial aid awards are disbursed into your CalCentral billing account, and will pay all charges owed for the Spring 2022 term, including SHIP insurance if you are enrolled in SHIP. Students must make a plan to pay all pre-departure expenses such as airfare, and subsist abroad, prior to any Spring 2022 loans being applied to CalCentral ten days prior to the start of instructions at UC Berkeley.


Billing & Payment

You do not pay at the time that you apply for the program. You will receive a bill for your fees that will appear on your CalCentral My Finances tab under Billing Summary. For specific due dates, please check your CalCentral My Finances tab. Fees not paid within 30 days after the due date will begin to accrue late fees.

Financial aid is available for eligible students (see financial aid section above). Program fees include tuition, pre-departure preparation, onsite orientation program, room and board at Gump Station excursions, program activities, and 24/7 emergency support, as well as administrative, academic and programmatic support abroad. Students are responsible for their airfare, SHIP insurance, and other out-of-pocket personal costs not covered by the program. Personal expenses (souvenirs, daily individual transportation, medical expenses, toiletries, etc.) are universally excluded from the program fee.


Student Conduct

Any violation of the Berkeley Code of Conduct occurring while participating in the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program may result in dismissal from the program, and will also be reported to the UC Berkeley Center for Student Conduct, which may lead to further sanctions as deemed appropriate by the University.


Withdrawal & Cancellation

Protocol: To cancel your participation in the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program before departure please log into your BSA Portal and complete the Request to cancel form. Talking to program staff about your intention to cancel, or sending a request via email is not considered an official request. Please be sure to review the cancellation policy carefully for details on deadlines and fees. If you are denied admission by Berkeley Summer Sessions and Study Abroad because you do not meet the eligibility criteria or the program is full, you will not be obligated to pay any program-related fees.

If you cancel your participation, or are administratively dropped from the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program for failure to meet program requirements, Berkeley Study Abroad staff will drop you from your Mo’orea Spring 2022 program required course(s).



We understand situations occur that may prevent you from attending or completing the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program. If you need to withdraw from the program and your courses after the cancellation deadline, you may request an appeal to the refund policy. To appeal the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program cancellation fees, an appeal letter must be sent directly to the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program staff via email to for review. Submit your appeal letter to Program Advisor, Sara Assadi-Nik.

All refund appeals require a signed letter of explanation and supporting documentation. You should state, as concisely and clearly as possible, the reason for this appeal. The appeal letter is limited to one page, not to exceed 500 words, and it must be written and signed by the student. The letter should also include the following:

Student Name
Student ID
Student's Current Postal Address
Student's Current Email Address

It is essential to disclose all information, reasons for the appeal, and all supporting documentation regarding your case in the initial appeal letter. Subsequent appeal letters providing new information, different reasons for the appeal, or new supporting documentation are not eligible for review.


Program Cancellation

Summer Sessions & Study Abroad reserves the right to cancel the Mo’orea Spring 2022 program . In the event that your program is canceled, you will be notified by a program advisor who will discuss your options with you. Summer Sessions & Study Abroad is not responsible for any costs incurred regarding air travel or personal expenses. We highly recommend that you do not proceed with making travel plans until you are confirmed as a participant.


Additional Information

In preparation for the Mo'orea Spring 2022 program, it is important that you actively research and ask appropriate questions to get the answers that you need. Additional program and general travel information can be obtained from some of the following resources:

The Mo’orea Spring 2022 program is part of the Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, and Lifelong Learning division, which is under the leadership of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.