Data Science, Communication, and Professionalism - ESPM 109E

science education across cultures


Woven throughout the duration of the semester Data Science, Communication, and Professionalism will teach students effective oral and written reporting to different communities, how to pitch ideas to funding agencies, donors and the public, and how to structure and organize research programs. This will engage students in discussions around the role of science in advocacy and innovation with consideration of cultural sensitivity, privacy, and data issues. Students will also learn about Data Science for environmental sustainability through the case study of the Island Digital Ecosystem Avatar (IDEA) Consortium and its work to build digital simulations (avatars) of Moorea and Tetiaroa. The course will cover applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in ecology, and modeling processes from genome to society. During this course, students will also carry out a project to create a proposal related to sustainable management. Projects must demonstrate incorporation of what has been learned earlier in the course as well as data science and scenario-based planning techniques.

Subject areas: Communication, Environmental Studies