Last modified: Monday, May 28, 2018


Limited housekeeping services are provided in the community areas. Users are responsible for their own rooms, and for washing their dishes.


There are washing machines (detergent is provided) and dryers in the dorm and in the housekeeping/workshop structure on the hill side of the road. Sheets are washed periodically by the Station Housekeeper.  For personal items, the dorm has a washer and a drier for those staying on the waterfront.  The workshop/housekeeping structure on the hillside of the road has a laundry room for the Station Housekeeper, which can also be used out of office hours by those staying in hillside bungalows.


In general users are expected to take all of their equipment back with them after each visit.  Anyone wishing to leave items must enter them into the storage container.  In most cases, the items must be packed into an appropriate rodent-resistant plastic container (not plastic bags or cardboard boxes).  For sensitive items, such as microscopes, arrangements can be made to store them in the Research Building.