• Driving around Moorea

    Will you need to drive around Moorea or Tahiti?

Driving around Moorea

Last modified: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

All drivers must complete the vehicle use form on arrival. Vehicle use is primarily for Gump Station residents. Day users also have access to the vehicles but the cars must be left at the Gump Station over night. Gas is included in the flat fee, but only for Gump Station vehicles when filled up at the Mobil gas station nearby in Paopao (where Gump has an account). Users must pay for any gas purchased elsewhere and this cannot be reimbursed (unless by prior agreement with the Station management). Priority is given to user needs on Moorea, but with approval from the Station managemnent, vehicles can sometimes be taken to Tahiti (if needed by a Gump user for their class or research project). Car ferry and other costs associated with taking cars to Tahiti are at the users expense.