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    Communications and IT

    The Research Building serves as the heart of the IT infrastructure at the station.

Communications and IT

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The Gump Station has installed a comprehensive campus network with the support of NSF and following a plan developed in collaboration with the Network Resource Startup Center (NRSC, Oregon).  The Research Building serves as the heart of the IT infrastructure and is wired for Ethernet, providing several ports in each room, as well as wireless access. A full HD video-conferencing system is available in the main library.  Inter/intranet access is piped to the hillside residences and the Atitia Center via fiber optic cable and most of the property has WIFI coverage. 

Internet access

On arrival, users are issued with a password to access the Station's intranet and connect to the Internet. Internet is provided over submarine fiber optic cable from Hawaii through the French Polynesian telecommunications company (OPT) in collaboration with the six research organizations on Tahiti and Moorea - the Polynesian research and education network (PolyREN), the University of Hawaii, and France's research and education network RENATER. 


For local calls, phone cards (with a sim) can be purchased at Vini and Vodafone and recharges are available in grocery stores. The station phones are limited to local calls only and for emergency services.