• Use guidelines

    Use of Facilities - Gump Station follows procedures developed by the UC Berkeley’s Environment, Health and Safety Office.

Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2021

Gump Station follows procedures developed by the University of California Berkeley’s Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Office.


See rules and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic


Warnings, Responsibilities and Rules

The University of California Richard B. Gump Research Station is dedicated to research and education, and consequently, these are the priorities of its staff and the sole use of its facilities. The Station is run according to an honor system. We do not constantly monitor visitors but serious breaches of trust are likely to lead to permanent expulsion from the Station.

Please remember that the facilities are shared and everyone has an equal right to their use. If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let the staff know. Any issues with the facilities should be posted to the Gump Repairs Log. Any safety issues should reported to a staff member immediately.

Remember that you have responsibility for your own safety.

We advise particular caution with:

  • Tripping hazards such as wet and/or poorly lit areas
  • The road
  • Tropical sun
  • Mosquito bites
  • Falling coconuts
  • Dock area and waterfront
  • Swimming - beaches have no lifeguards and there can be boat traffic (jet skis)

The Station follows the University of California’s “NO SMOKING” policy.

Pets or adopted stray animals are strictly prohibited from Station property.


Emergency Procedures

In the event of medical, fire, or other emergency:

  • Remain calm, get to safety.
  • Dial 18 from the fixed line phones at reception and in the dormitory.
  • Remember, the respondent might not speak English, they will ask for your name, location and the nature of the emergency and if anyone is injured, say:
    • “Berkeley Gump Station” for your location.
    • “Urgent. Nous avons besoin d’aide” (We need help.) for: “feu” (fire), “accident”, or “medicale”
    • “Nous avons un blessé (bless-ay)” (We have an injured person.)
    • Post somebody at the road to flag down the first responders.

18 connects to the Fire Brigade in the nearby village of Paopao (2KM). They will respond to any emergency (ambulance, fire, police) and will usually arrive within a few minutes.

Evacuation and Assembly Areas: In the event of fire or other emergency requiring evacuation, proceed to the nearest exit and assemble at the Parking Area in front of Reception on the hill side of the road. If this location is unsafe, assemble at the Volleyball Court on the waterfront side of the road.