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    Tahiti is readily accessible from North America, Hawaii, Chile, New Zealand, and Japan.

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Last modified: Saturday, May 6, 2023

Tahiti is readily accessible from California, Hawaii, New Zealand, Chile, New Caledonia, and Japan. Direct, non-stop flight times are about 8 hours from Los Angeles or San Francisco, 5 hours from Auckland or Honolulu, and 12 hours from Tokyo.

Papeete (PPT) Tahiti is served by several international airlines including Air Tahiti Nui, Air France (LAX), French Bee (SFO), Air New Zealand, Hawaiian (HNL), United (SFO partial), Air Calin, and Lan Chile, and starting in 2018 United Airlines and France Bee (both to SFO).

Depending on when you arrive in Tahiti, you may be able to take an interisland flight or a ferry to Moorea that same day. Otherwise, you will need to spend the night on Tahiti.

Getting from Tahiti to Moorea

NOTE: Getting from the Tahiti International Airport to Moorea will depend on your arrival time. Neither the ferries nor interisland flights go at night.

Interisland flights Tahiti  Moorea

Flights to Moorea leave from the interisland terminal at the Tahiti International Airport (FAA'A). When arriving on an international flight, turn left out of the international terminal and follow the signs to the smaller Air Moorea terminal about 0.5km away.

When purchasing your ticket, you can also purchase a ground transfer for the trip from the Moorea airport to the Gump Station. There are also taxis available out in front of the Moorea terminal.

Interisland ferries Tahiti  Moorea

Daytime arrivals:

  • Arrange for land transfers and/or ferry tickets when you purchase your airline tickets. The tour busses parked in front of the terminal will take you to the ferry dock in Papeete.
  • Take a taxi (about 2000cfp) from the stand in front of the airport.
  • Take the bus, which stops on the road above the airport. You must walk through the parking lot and up the stairs to the road, then cross the road to wait for the bus to Papeete. The final destination is in the center of Papeete, not at the ferry dock. You will need to walk about 1 km.

Nighttime arrivals:

  • There are no ferries at night, so you will need to spend the night on Tahiti.
  • Check the ferry schedules for departure times.

Transfers: Ferry to/from Gump Station

Users should make arrangements with Gump staff prior to arrival if they require help with a transfer. The Vaiare ferry terminal on Moorea is about a 20-minute drive from the Gump Station. Most ferries are met by taxis and the municipal bus. The buses are inexpensive though may charge a little extra for big pieces of luggage. Get off at milestone mark: Pk 11.5, just past the village of Paopao on the west side of Cook's Bay.