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    Shipping and bringing equipment

Shipping and bringing equipment

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For the official policy on import duties and procedures, visitors should consult the French Polynesian customs authorities

Import of Temporary Equipment (Carnet ATA)

We strongly recommend obtaining a carnet de passage for any equipment that will be take back out of French Polynesia within 6 months (this can apply to an aggregation of low-value items, as well as to individual instruments) - see ATA Carnet for details. In this case, you do not need a Customs Agent.

Permanent Import (Supplies and Equipment) 

Please check for any updates but as of May 2022 the Duty Free allowance for personal items (that stay in French Polynesia) is 50 000 XPF per passenger (approx. $500). Note that research equipment might not be considered personal items. 

CUSTOMS AGENT/BROKER: If you are arriving at the airport with a complex amount of material (whatever its value) and/or the cumulative value exceeds $2 000 USD, you will have to leave the goods for a Customs Agent/Broker. If in doubt, this is the best option. Your Customs Broker will generally be able to get the items out in 1 or 2 business days.

  • You will fill out a form (MADB) in the Air Tahiti office in the baggage claim area and leave the items there. You will need the list of material and their value (preferably with receipts). You must also identify a Customs Agent who will collect them for you and help process the payment of duties. (Contact the Gump Station is advance if you need recommendations for a Customs Agent.)

IN SOME CASES, if you have one or two items worth less than ~$2000 (<200 000 CFP) and you have the evidence of value (e.g., receipts), you might be able to pay the import duties immediately to the customs officials and leave with your items. In that case the following rates will apply (subject to any updates):

  • Between 500 USD and 2 000 USD, you have to pay : 
    • a tax of 20% if the goods were bought in Europe;
    • a tax of 30% if the goods were bought outside of Europe. 

Imported Items - Possible Exoneration for Research Equipment

The Gump Station is eligible for an exoneration of some import duties for certain research and educational items (e.g., microscopes and other scientific equipment). Please contact us at least 3 months before you ship (or travel with) any equipment to be imported to Gump Station that might be eligible for exoneration. The process is handled through Gump Station's Customs Agent and fees will be charged. 

Exoneration requests are sent to the French Polynesian government for approval by the Minister of Research. If you wish to benefit from an exoneration, do not ship items until you have received a copy of the approval letter. Ministerial approval is no guarantee of exoneration, however, as the final decision is made by the customs authorities on arrival.

Mailing items to Moorea

When sending packages to French Polynesia (including through the regular mail), please be aware that they will be subject to some import duties, even if you have the exoneration certificate. Larger packages will be impounded at the port of entry and generally require a Customs Agent to get them out. There is a fee associated with the Customs Agent's services. 

All packages or letters should be addressed as follows:

Your Name
c/o Gump Station
UC Berkeley
BP 244 - 98728
French Polynesia
Tel. +689 40561374