The International Perceptual Learning Workshop is held every other year to bring together leading researchers in perceptual learning from visual, auditory, and tactile psychophysics, cognitive neuroscience, monkey physiology, and computational neuroscience. Perceptual learning is a long-term enhancement of a perceptual ability arising from perceptual experience (Lu et al., 2011; Sasaki, Nanez, & Watanabe, 2010). It may be viewed as a manifestation of perceptual and brain plasticity, especially in adults who have undergone a critical period of perceptual development in their early years. Research on perceptual learning is important not only for clarifying the mechanisms of perceptual plasticity but also for improving and restoring declining or damaged perceptual function resulting from disease or age (Andersen, 2012; Levi, 2012). Since the First Workshop, the field of perceptual learning has matured significantly with researchers from diverse disciplines across the world becoming more familiar with each others work and in turn advancing the science in the field. We are looking to hold the next conference at Gump Station in 2018.

Organized by

Aaron Seitz & Gump Station


  • Aaron Seitz