The 22nd Genomics Standards Consortium Workshop

GSC-Moorea will focus on Genomic Standards, Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Human Health and is intended for professionals within the fields of medical genomics, biodiversity, environmental genomics and climate studies, microbiome and metagenomics related to the sample collection, processing and genomic sequencing workflow critical for small and large scale datasets. It is our intention to discuss and plan for evolving genomic and laboratory standards to address the needs of the clinical, academic and industry researchers with a focus on improving all genomic workflows related to human health and biodiversity. The GSC consists of international delegates working in collaborative groups to provide a forum for implementing community-driven standards and related protocols.

Organized by

Lynn Schriml, Scott Tighe, Ramona Walls, Emiley Eloe-FadroshNeil Davies, Serge Planes