Jean-Yves Meyer

Jean-Yves Meyer
French Polynesia - Research Department

    Jean-Yves MEYER (PhD, University of Montpellier 1994, Post-doctoral research scholar, University of Hawaii 1997, Scientific Director, Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin, La Réunion Island 2001, Research Associate in Botany, National Tropical Botanical Garden of Hawaii 2008) is a research scientist working at the Délégation à la Recherche, Government of French Polynesia, since 2002. A plant ecologist, field botanist and conservation biologist, and a recognized expert on invasive alien species (member of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group), he is actively involved in research studies on the native and alien flora and fauna of French Polynesia, and organizes multidisciplinary field-expeditions to remote islands. He collaborates as a consultant on numerous biodiversity and biological invasion initiatives across the Pacific (South Pacific Regional Environmental Programme, Pacific Invasives Learning Network, Conservation International Micronesia-Polynesia Hotspot, IRD New-Caledonia, National Park of Rapa Nui, Service de l'Environnement of Wallis & Futuna). A guest Lecturer for the Université de Polynésie française and for the Gump South Pacific Research Station on Moorea, he advises and mentors undergraduate/graduate/doctoral/post-doctoral students working in French Polynesia, with projects in the areas of botany, plant ecology, conservation biology, terrestrial biodiversity and invasive species management. Also an executive Committee Member for the Moorea Biocode project.

    Jean-Yves MEYER (Dr.)
    Chargé de recherche/Research Management Officer
    Délégation à la Recherche/Department of Research
    Ministère de l'Education, de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche
    Gouvernement de Polynésie française/Government of French Polynesia