7th EMB Forum: Big Data in Marine Science

7TH EMB FORUM - Big Data in Marine Science: Supporting the European Green Deal, The EU Biodiversity Strategy, and The Digital Twin Ocean

The 7thEMB Forum brings together diverse stakeholders from government, academia, NGOs and industry to discuss the role of big data, digitalization and artificial intelligence in marine science to support of the EU Green Deal, the EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy and the development of a Digital Twin Ocean. Big data is rapidly transforming our society and is leading to a paradigm shift in the way we face major challenges including climate change and the sustainable management of our marine resources. With the expansion of the scale and scope of ocean observing systems and other data sources, an increasing flood of highly complex ocean data is being generated, often in near real-time. Data need to be integrated and readily available to support decision-making, which can be assisted by artificial intelligence as a tool for more complex analyses and a deeper understanding of the functioning, human impacts, and future state of the ocean. These topics are explored in more detail in the EMB Future Science Brief No. 6 ‘Big Data in Marine Science'.

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