Flying Papeete (PPT) to Moorea (MOZ)

There are flights (about 10 minutes) on the hour from Tahiti's international airport (Faaa) to Moorea (return flights generally leave :15 after the hour).  Buy a ground transfer for Moorea Airport to Gump when you pick up your ticket at the Air Moorea check-in desk in Tahiti.

  • Air Moorea (tel. +689 86 41 41) flies from 6am to 6pm.  (Friday through Sunday there are later Air Tahiti flights to connect to international arrivals/departures but check with your agent).  When arriving on an international flight, turn left out of the international terminal and follow the signs to the smaller Air Moorea terminal about 0.5km away. Make sure you ask for a ground transfer when purchasing your ticket and a bus will take you from the airport to the Gump Station.  (It is not always easy to get a taxi at the airport in Moorea)
  • Air Tahiti (tel. +689 86 42 42) puts on special flights that fly later to connect Air Tahiti Nui international flights. Ask your travel agent about these when you book Air Tahiti Nui international or contact local travel agent in Tahiti (Manureva Tours) Shel Bennet ( for more details and to make reservations.

Moorea-Papeete By Ferry

To get from the Airport to the ferry terminal, you must either take a taxi (about 2,500cfp) from the stand in front of the airport, or take the bus (le truck).

Le Truck runs 24 hours/day but is less frequent at night. The cost is 130cfp during the day and 200cfp at night. Large luggage is an additional 100cfp per piece. The bus stop is on the main road: exit the front of the airport terminal and walk through the parking lot and up two flights of stairs. You will see the small stand to the right of the stairs. Cross to the other side of the street as you will need to be picking up a Le Truck heading in the direction of Papeete (which is to your left). The le truck should say Papeete on it. Get off the le truck at the last stop in Papeete on the waterfront road and cross the main boulevard to the port side of the street.  Continue walking in the direction you were traveling and you will eventually see the ferries about 1km down from the last stop.

Car ferries docking at Vaiare Bay in Moorea (about 20 minutes drive from the Gump Station) - Aremiti 5 (express), Aremiti Ferry, Moorea Ferry, Moorea Express (passengers only). Ferries arriving at Vaiare are met by public transportation (Le Truck) at the terminal.  Get off at pk 11.5 km just past the village of Paopao (powpow) on the west side of Cook's Bay. There is also a taxi stand or you can call Justin, Tel. 774826