What to Bring

    General Items
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Credit cards - VISA and MC are accepted by most vendors in Tahiti and Moorea. They also work in the ATMs here where you can draw French Pacific Francs (CFP). There are banks and ATMs at the airport in Tahiti (but not at the airport in Moorea) and in Maharepa, Moorea. If you will go to other islands in French Polynesia, it is best to plan on taking a lot of cash and perhaps travelers checks. American Express Cards are also accepted by almost all vendors. See the current exchange rate here.
  • Medicine (expensive in FP): aspirin, pepto, cold meds, ear meds.
    Work-Related Items
  • Laptop Computer, PC or Mac, preferably with built-in wireless.
  • Laptop Computer Lock
  • Wireless Card if you do not have built-in wireless.
    Sun Protection Items
  • A good hat that provides plenty of shade
  • High SPF, waterproof sunscreen
  • light shirt and/or pareu (buy here)
    Day Hikes/Activities Items
  • Day Pack or fanny pack
  • Personal first-aid kit
  • Camera and plenty of film or a digital camera
  • Water bottle
  • Underwater throw-away camera
  • Snorkeling gear - mask, snorkel, fins and booties with a mesh bag for wet gear


The dress code in French Polynesia is very casual and normally one can expect warm to hot weather and some rain. The following are general suggestions.


Men Women
Dinner and evening wear Shorts or slacks/tropical or dress shirt Light dress, or pants and blouse
Daytime active Light shorts and shirt/ sandals / hat Light shorts and shirt/sandals/ hat
Bad Weather light rain jacket/ umbrella light rain jacket/ umbrella
Beach bathing suit/wet footwear/ hat/ light shirt for cover bathing suit/wet footwear/ hat/pareu for cover
Hiking sturdy footwear (boots, shoes, or sandals) with good traction sturdy footwear (boots, shoes, or sandals) with good traction