Design for Sustainable Communities

Research is conducted as part of a graduate course at UC Berkeley aiming to provide students with conceptual and hands-on experience in the design and implementation of innovative products or processes for improving the sustainability of resource-constrained communities. Teams of approximately four students each take on practical projects, with guidance from subject experts. The goal of the projects is to help mature innovations into useful products or processes and to assess social and business opportunities for real-world dissemination of these products. Because these problems are interdisciplinary in nature, students come from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, physics, environmental science, ERG, architecture, economics, business, public policy, and public health, among others.

Sustainable Housing in French Polynesia 

A series of studies focused on low cost community housing in collaboration with the French Polynesian government and registered architect Madelaine Fava.  Each student team produced a report and presentation: Moorea Sustainable Housing (2006), Building Materials (2007), and Bioclimatic Kit House (2009).  See also Anderson et al. (2007) Sustainable Building Materials in French Polynesia.  

A research project in collaboration with the Polynesian Office of Housing (OPH) begins in September 2010.

Project Information
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