Peter Oboyski

Position: Graduate Student

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Research Institution: University of California Berkeley

About Peter Oboyski

Pete is a PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley under the direction of Dr. George Roderick in the EvoLab. Pete studies microlepidoptera (small moths) on Polynesian Islands (particularly Hawaii, Marquesas, and Society Islands) and is particularly interested in the host plant relationships, biogeography, and evolutionary history of moths in the Pacific. His dissertation work is on the systematics, ecology, and conservation of the genus Cydia (Tortricidae) in the Hawaiian Islands. As part of the Moorea BioCode team since Fall 2008, Pete has been collecting adult moths using ultraviolet lights and sampling larvae by inspecting the leaves, fruits, flowers, etc., and using DNA to match larvae with adults. He is also "beating" trees and shrubs for other terrestrial arthropods.

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