Benoit Espiau

Position: Technician

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Research Institution: CNRS-EPHE: CRIOBE

About Benoit Espiau

Benoit ESPIAU is a technician from the CNRS institute since 1999, specialized in molecular biology and cellular culture. He studied first a pyrophosphatase, and ARFs and ARLs proteins of Leishmania, and Trypanosoma, two human parasites. During his laboratory formation, he worked on different projects related to marine biology such as  

antibacterial and antifongical effects of substances extracted from marine sponges,  the Bonamia ostrea parasite of the Ostrea edulis oyster, the developpment of a detection test of the Nodavirus in the Lates calcarifer fish, the caracterization of proteinaceous exotoxins of shrimp-pathogenic isolates of Vibrio penaeicida and Vibrio nigripulchritudo. In March 2007, he was affected at the Criobe station in Moorea, to manage the station’s laboratories. In September 2008 he integrated the Biocode’s team, and more precisely the marine vertebrates team directed by Serge Planes.



Associated Station Projects

Research Keywords: marine biology