Minister of Culture and Education visits Gump

Tuesday, May 5th the Minister of Culture and Education, Jean-Marius Raapoto, visited the Gump Station along with 5 other members of his team. Along with the minister, approximately 25 people, including Atitia members, Biocode team members, and Gump researchers and staff, met up at the Gump house. After a traditional Tahitian lunch prepared by the members of the Atitia association, everyone sat down for project presentations. These presentations were an effort to illustrate the variety of research, outreach, and projects being carried out by the station and included:

"GK-12" by Brad Balukjian
"The Biocode Project" by Jerome Petit
"Climate Change" by Eleonora Avagliano
"Atitia Association" by Hinano Murphy
"Moorea Coral Reef LTER" by Dr. Peter Edmunds

After presentations wrapped up, papa MAPE said a brief prayer and the meeting was concluded.