Interns Join the Biocode Team

On May 10th the Biocode team welcomed two interns from University of French Polynesia into the lab.  Hivanui Maiarii and Herenui Mahuta will stay at the station for the coming months and help the team with various projects that will contribute the the overal Biocode Project sampling goals.  Hivanui's focus will mainly be on plant and marine sediment sampling.  She will accompany teams in the feild including Jean Yves Meyer on a trip up Moua Roa mountain to collect plants and three trips to collect benthic marine invertebrates.  Herenui will assist the terrestrial invertebrate team as they set up insect traps at the Lycee Agricol.  She will also work on processing the Gump Station insect collection as well as aid in marine sampling.  Both will also assist in the lab for specimen sorting, photographing, preserving and cataloging.  Welcome!