Ethnocode meeting at Gump station

Wednesday, April 22th, at 9 a.m , a bilingual meeting ( tahitian/french) « Ethnocode » occurred at the station.

In attendance: Hinano MURPHY, members of Atiti'a association, Papa MAPE, Jerome PETIT and Reo TERAI from BIOCODE project, Neil DAVIES and Tamatoa BAMBRIDGE , an ethnologist from CRIOBE ( EPHE-CNRS).

The meeting began with a presentation of the Biocode project led by the Gump station. Then Hinano MURPHY presented the Ethnocode project, a "brother" project led by the Atiti'a association, whose goal is to do an inventory of all marine and terrestrial species on the island of Moorea with cultural importance.

Then we had discussions with the help of Tamatoa BAMBRIDGE: How to best organize this project? What are our materials and personnel needs?...After that, decisions were made:

1. Perfect a methodology (criteria for the species, use of a card...)

2. Perfect working parties (training, find bilingual people)

3. Help of a computer scientist ( to structure the data)

4. Help of an Ethnologist ( for the methodology)

The calendar will be set up soon.