Biocode Day 6 - Students from VIENOT school in Tahiti

Thursday March 26, the Gump Station hosted 104 CE2 students from the VIENOT school in Tahiti. The children, aged 8 and 9, arrived around 9am and were divided into two groups. One group, accompanied by Hinano Murphy (director of the NGO Te pu atitia) visited important archeological sites located in Opunohu Valley. The second group stayed at the Gump Station where they heard presentations on two subjects: "The Moorea Biocode Project" given by Reo Terai and "The impacts of climate change on biodiversity" given by Jerome Petit and Eleonora Avagliano.  After the presentations, half of the students went to tour the station's laboratories while the other competed in a small quiz on climate change. The groups then switched and finished the day aroun 1pm. The children were good participants and expressed enthusiasm and curiosity through their many questions.