Biocode day 5 - CPIA students

Fifth edition of "Biocode Day" with CPIA students from Atiti'a.

The day began at 8:30 AM with a presentation of the Moorea Biocode Project.

After that, each of the CPIA students gave a presentation on the plant that they have been studying and cultivating with the Atitia association, in the botanical garden, covering the biology, traditional uses, and legends of their plant. The group then accompanied the students and members of the association Te Pu Atiti'a to the botanical garden where their plants were growing, giving the students an opportunity to elaborate on the uses and biology of their species. While there, Hiro Isidore shared the legend of the Ati or Tamanu tree and the legend of the uru (breadfruit tree).

To finish the day, the students went back to the Gump Station in the Biocode lab to sample their specimens and to enter their data in the database helped by the Biocode team; a DNA-extraction demonstration was conducted in the molecular lab.