Biocode day 4 - Field Trip to Opunohu

Tuesday February 3rd. Together with Biocode Staff and Te Pu Atiti'a, two CM2 classes from Paopao's primary school met at Marae Tetiroa in Opunohu Valley. Hinano Murphy, president of Te Pu Atiti'a, presented the traditional uses of plants found around the site (tumu Mape, tumu ti'airi etc...). The students then divided up into small groups to collect plants in the field, with each student responsible for collecting one species of plant. Brad, Rava, the Biocode staff, CPIA students from Atiti'a, and the teachers accompanied the students on their search, providing guidance and information on the natural history of the plants. The students were eager to collect plants for themselves and very excited by the activity. Once the collecting was finished, the students assembled in the marae parking lot to take pictures of their plants and to put them into a plant press (these specimens will be the vouchers for Biocode). A tissue sample was also collected from each species, which will be used by the Biocode staff for DNA extraction.