Effective 1 December 2015: To cover its costs the Gump Station has the following daily fees for users whose bills are being paid by a project or class administered through the University of California. The UC subsidizes the Station and so fees are somewhat higher for non-UC users as indicated. Some campuses offer additional financial support to users from their campus. Please contact the Gump Station for details (we will post this information here as campuses make their commitments available).

Flat Fees:

The Gump Station charges a flat fee for usage of all labs, classrooms, shared vehicles/boats (including gas), internet, and scientific diving (SCUBA tank fills). Meals are not provided and all housing is self-catering. An external caterer can be arranged for groups requiring a meal plan (contact Station for details).

 Full usage (resident, self-catering) nightly rate per person

  • University of California users = $81
  • non-UC users = $92 

 Day usage (non-resident) daily rate per person

  • University of California users = $53
  • non-UC users = $60


Usage will be summarized each month and an invoice issued by email. Goods and services that are not covered by the flat fee (e.g., catering services, customs agent) are billed separately as 'pass through expenses'. Users requiring such goods and services must notify Hinano Teavai-Murphy in advance and will be advised of any administrative charge.  All invoices are issued by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research in Berkeley and this is where all payments must be sent. Payment options and instructions will be sent with your invoice. The Gump Station in Moorea does not issue invoices or accept any payments.  Please contact Christine Owen for futher information.

NOTE: The University of California subsidizes Gump Station operations and the user rates are calculated to recover the remaining costs. The Gump Station strives to maintain stable rates, but reserves the right to change its rates at any time.