Two marine laboratories (indoor and outdoor) are located alongside the dock, including flow through sea-water and one climate controlled instrument room/office. The Research Building on the mountain side of the road contains six climate controlled 'dry' laboratories.

Lab Description
Marine Outdoor Laboratory

The"wet lab" has water tables with running seawater and freshwater, as well as three large, outdoor seawater tanks that can be us

Marine Indoor Laboratory

The "dry lab" is divided into two rooms, one of which is airconditioned. The dry lab contains microscopes, drying oven, centrifuge, computers, and fume hood.

Research Building

The Research Building contains a large general use lab (capacity of approximatly 30 students), 3 smaller research labs, a molecular lab, library / conference room, morphology lab, IT center, chemical and storage rooms, manager and researcher offices.

Biocode lab

The Biocode Lab is intended for researchers needing precision instruments (notably microscopes and imaging) for biodiversity studies.