The Gump Station offers shared student housing and private researcher housing.

Housing Option Description
Hillside Bungalows

The two-bedroom hillside bungalows have a large air-conditioned master bedroom/office, private mezzanine, kitchen/living room, bathroom (with separate accesses for bedroom and the common area), and spacious deck.  The bungalows normally sleep 4 people (maximum 5).

Studio Hillside Bungalow

The studio bungalow has an air-conditioned office, large kitchen/salon, spacious deck, a queen-size bed in the salon, and a small mezzanine.  It usually sleeps 2 people (maximum 4).

Waterfront Bungalows

Two bungalows are located on the waterfront next to the dormitory. Each bungalow has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom located between them (separate access from both bedrooms), and a shared kitchen on the terrace. The bedrooms normally sleep 2 people (maximum 3) and can be booked individually.

Student Dormitory

The original building on the waterfront, the dormitory provides basic shared accommodation for larger groups (e.g., classes) as well as individual researchers. It can house 19 people in 7 bedrooms (3 on the ground floor) with five toilets, three showers, a large communal kitchen, dining area, laundry facilities, and a small classroom.

Director's Residence: Gump House

Mr. Gump's original house is now the official residence of the Executive Director. The director's office is located on the lower level of the Gump House with a private residence above. The office is open M-F from 8am to 5pm, though it is best to make an appointment in advance. Outside of office hours and in emergencies, visitors should call 72.25.00.