The new Research Building serves as the heart of the IT infrastructure for the Gump Station and is wired for Ethernet, providing several ports in each room, as well as wireless access.  Bundled DSL lines provide Internet access and inter/intranet access is piped to the hillside residences via new fiber optic cable, which was laid to the Gump House from where the hillside bungalows are connected with wireless bridges. The Station's intranet is safeguarded by a firewall device, behind which a central server provides basic computing services.


On arrival, users are issued with a password to access the Station's intranet and connect to the Internet.  Multiple 512k DSL connections currently provide Internet access to the Station. In early 2010, French Polynesia will activate a fiber optic cable from Moorea and Tahiti to Hawaii that will dramatically increase Internet connectivity.

Computing Equipment

The Station has a very limited number of common use computers and most visitors are expected to bring their own laptop with wireless card.


Phone calls are expensive in French Polynesia (even local calls). The Station phones are limited to local calls. Skype or other VOIP service is recommended as an affordable way to call overseas.


The post office is in Maharepa and the closest mailbox is on the outside of ARE supermarket. The OUTBOX in the main dorm is emptied sporadically by visitors and staff who are going to the post office. Incoming mail is picked up by Station staff from Maharepa every day and left in the INBOX. You may use our postal address if you wish to receive mail while at the Station. UC Berkeley Gump Station, BP 244, Maharepa - 98728, Moorea, French Polynesia

If you have packages sent to you, they will probably be stopped in customs and import duties can be very high (see our shipping and import duties section for further details).