Gump Events  

Moorea offers a spectacular setting for conferences, workshops or retreats and the Gump Station is becoming an increasingly popular venue for such events. Participants experience an unparalleled blend of academia and tradition at the Gump Station and Atitia Center.

Research Seminar Series

During the summer research season (June-September) the Gump Station holds a regular, seminar series (see calendar) in the Station library (see previous seminar series: 2005; 2004; 2003).

Conferences and Workshops

For conferences and workshops, the Station charges a flat rate per participant that includes: use of LCD projectors, climate controlled lecture room (20-30 people round-table or 50+ lecture style seating) , adjacent coffee lounge with spacious terrace, local transport and coordination of activities in Moorea.

Housing can be either at the Gump Station and/or in nearby hotels. Thus a range of options is available from inexpensive dormitory rooms to luxurious overwater bungalows (e.g., the Sheraton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa is ~2km from the Gump Station.)

Catering, receptions, cocktails, simultaneous translation, traditional tahitian feasts and dance shows, tours, and other special events are available on request. Increasingly these benefit from the facilities being developed at the Atitia Center (notably the traditional meeting house, tahitian feast, and open-air amphitheater).

Conference organizers should contact us with details of their proposed event and preferred dates.

Application Steps

1. Contact the Gump Station about your interest in organizing a conference.
2. Fill out our online application.