Instructors at the station include professors from UC Berkeley, UCLA, Cal State Northridge and other universities. These instructors lead a variety of courses which you can learn about under our courses section of the website.

Namesort icon Institution
Ashok J. Gadgil Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Brent Mishler University of California Berkeley
Carole Hickman University of California Berkeley
Edward Arens University of California Berkeley
George Roderick University of California, Berkeley
James Bartolome University of California, Berkeley
James Leichter UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography
James Thomas Nova Oceanographic Center
Jere H. Lipps University of California Berkeley
Mark Steele University of California, Santa Barbara
Peter Edmunds California State University, Northridge
Rick Hochberg University of Massachusetts Lowell
Rosemary Gillespie University of California, Berkeley
Sal Genovese Northeastern University
Sally MacIntyre University of California Santa Barbara
Sebastian Teunissen University of California, Berkeley
Vince Resh University of California Berkeley