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This class spends approximately 9 weeks at the Richard B. Gump Biological Field Station on Moorea, French Polynesia and 6 weeks (3 at the beginning and 3 at the end of the semester) at UC Berkeley. Enrollment is limited by the Gump facilities to 22 students. Students must complete the application and, if selected, attend an interview with course instructors. 

Students learn about the biology, geology, evolution, and people of the South Pacific. As part of this course, you will be exposed to the fundamentals of field research and will conduct a research project on an island topic, such as marine or terrestrial ecology, volcanic geomorphology, biodiversity, invasion biology, animal behavior, or oceanography of reefs and islands. Papers are published each year in the class book (see papers from previous courses).


There are 67 publications in this collection, published between 2006 and 2009.

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Sep 15 1991