Shane Geange

Position: Graduate Student Fellow (NGS International Ecostations)

Email Address:

Research Institution: Victoria University Wellington

About Shane Geange

I am a PhD student studying marine ecology at Victoria University of Wellington, in New Zealand. I am currently nearing the completion of my PhD, and am actively searching for Post-Doctoral opportunities.

The main emphasis of my research is to recognize causes of variation in the distribution, abundance and dynamics of organisms, with the view of better understanding and predicting their dynamics and spatial patterns. Although my work to date has focused on tropical reef fishes, my interests extend beyond tropical and marine environments.

My focus is in quantitative ecology, and research questions that are well grounded in ecological theory. Whenever possible, I place particular emphasis on approaches that integrate manipulative field experiments, observational studies, and modeling.

Currently, I work out of the laboratories of Dr. Jeff Shima at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and Professor Craig Osenberg at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. At this time, the majority of my fieldwork has been conducted from the University of California Gump Biological Research Station in Moorea, French Polynesia.

Research Areas

1. The Importance of Sequence and Timing of Arrival in Determining the Outcome of Biological Interactions
2. The Relative Importance of Intra- versus Interspecific Competition
3. Strength in Numbers, Predation, and Competition Affect a Schooling Coral Reef Fish
4. Identifying the Mechanisms Controlling Toxic Fireweed Blooms


Geange S.W and A.C. Stier. Order of Arrival Affects Competition in Two Reef Fishes. Ecology. (In Press)

Bolker B.M, M Brooks, C.J. Clark, S.W. Geange, J.R. Poulsen, H. Stevens, and J.S. White. Generalized linear mixed models: a practical guide for ecology and evolution. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. (In Press)

Pledger S, S.W. Geange, J. Hoare and A. Pérez-Matus 2007. Resource Selection: Tests and Estimation using Null Models. Research Report Series, School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. (




Associated Station Projects

Research Keywords: marine biology