Rava Taputuarai

Position: Private Consultant

Email Address: rtaputuarai@gmail.com

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About Rava Taputuarai

Ravahere TAPUTUARAI (Master Degree in Population Biology and Ecosystem, University of Montpellier, 2004) is currently a private consultant in plant ecology and botany, formerly working at the Délégation à la Recherche (2004-2006) as JYM's assistant. He collaborated to the Miconia biocontrol program (in charge of the plant pathogen cultivation, release, and monitoring in Nuku Hiva in collaboration with the Institut Louis Malardé 2007) and participated to many biodiversity surveys conducted by JYM in the Marquesas (Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva) and the Society islands (Raiatea, Tahaa, Mehetia). He was also deeply involved in plant ecology studies on rare endemic plants (e.g. Planchonella tahitensis, Sapotaceae) and on the subalpine vegetation in Tahiti (Mt Aorai, Mt Pito Hiti).

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