The Gump Station regularly hosts classes and conferences.  The Research Building is the primary venue for meetings; the library can hold up to 40 people depending on configuration (tables can be arranged classroom-style, in a horse-shoe, or removed for maximum occupancy theater-style).  LCD projector is provided. 

For coffee breaks, there is a common area with kitchen outside the library that opens up onto a very spacious deck overlooking the waterfront labs to Cook's Bay.

Meals are usually taken in the fare pote'e (traditional thatched roof structure) located on the waterfront across from the Research Building.  Participants can be housed in a range of accommodations at the Station and also at nearby hotels such as the Moorea Hilton just 2km away.  

Field trips and excursions can be organized on request.

Conferences need to be carefully coordinated not to overlap with peak periods of research or teaching.  Please contact Frank Murphy for further information.