Make a Reservation

You can only make a reservation (for an activity) at the Gump Station if an application has already been submitted for your research project or class and you have the project/class password.  (See applications page).  If this has been done by you or your project/class leader, proceed to make a reservation by clicking on the link below:

Access Gump Station Online Reservation System

Once your reservation has been submitted in the online system, room assignment should be confirmed with Frank Murphy before finalizing your travel arrangements.  

All those using the Gump Station must agree to the terms of the UC Berkeley waiver as indicated in the online application (and signature at check-in).

NOTE: Additional steps must also be completed before you come to Moorea:

  1. PERMIT: All individuals carrying out research or professors leading a class at the Gump Station must complete the French Polynesian government's scientific permit application form "protocole d'accueil" (in English or French) and email it to Gump Station as a Word or PDF document.  This applies to everyone irrespective of their nationaiity or length of stay.  The permit is not usually required for conference participants, or undergraduates in class, with nationality of a country that participates in French Polynesia's visa waiver scheme (e.g., EU, USA). 
  2. HOUSING GUARANTEE: Conference participants and undergraduate students in classes need a letter of guarantee for the local authorities. For this the group must fill out the housing guarantee form. A copy of each participant's passport is also required.
  3. VISAS: All visitors are encouraged to consult the visa requirements page well in advance (at least 2 months) of travel to ensure they have all necessary documentation.
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