How to Apply to Do Research

Applications to Use the Gump Station

There are three steps for applying to use the Gump Station and making reservations.  The first of these must be completed by the project/class leader before they or any members of their group can make a reservation.  Once this has been done, the second and third steps must be completed by everyone before they arrive in French Polynesia.  

  1. APPLICATION: The Principal Investigator, Conference Organizer, or Class Leader must select the nature of their project RESEARCH, CLASS (university), or OPEN (conference, other) in the Gump online reservations system.  (If you are making a visit to explore potential projects, please fill out the application as Principal Investigator with title of the potential project under exploration or the general theme). In the case of a class where a professor and/or graduate students are conducting research in addition to their teaching, they should submit separate RESEARCH application(s) for each project through RAMS.
  2. RESERVATIONS: Once an application (project) is open, anyone with the application password (obtained from the leader) can immediately begin to make reservations (activities) for their project, conference, or class.  You do not need to wait for the application (project) to be approved.  Multiple reservations (activities) can be made so long as the application (project) remains open.  See reservations page. (Reservations are not guaranteed until you have received confirmation from the Station manager).
  3. PERMIT/PROTOCOL: All individuals carrying out research or professors leading classes at the Gump Station must complete the French Polynesian government's scientific permit application form "protocole d'accueil" (in English or French).  This should be submitted as WORD document and < 800KB (avoid pasting large JPEG photo/signature). This applies to all researchers, professors, and assistants, irrespective of their nationaility or length of stay.  It is generally not needed if your visit is simply to discuss potential research projects, participate in meetings, take part in a field course as an undergraduate student, or if you are a conference participant.   (NOTE: This document is also needed for immigration purposes in many cases - consult the visa requirements page for more information).   
  4. For non-EU students and conference participants, we generally need a copy of Passport information and home address in order for the Station to obtain a letter of housing from the mayor of Moorea for you. 
  5. VISAS: All visitors are encouraged to consult the visa requirements page well in advance (at least 2 months) of travel to ensure they have all necessary documentation.

Biodiversity Regulations

Some species are protected by French Polynesian legislation and or international treaties (e.g., CITES) and require additional permitting for research on those species in French Polynesia and/or for their export.  Please see our biodiversity regulations guide for more details.

Renewing Permits

Users must renew their permit annually. For researchers, you should attach an annual report to the permit application form.  Classes might include a copy of any class report. 

  1. As WORD or PDF attachment, the report (or at least its abstract) should be in French and English. It should include
    • keywords
    • geographic coordinates of principal study sites
    • abstract
    • introduction/background
    • methods
    • (preliminary) results
    • discussion and future directions
    • bibliography
    • acknowledgments
  2. Please request a contribution number when you are writing a book, book chapter, or submitting a paper based on research conducted at Gump.
  3. Please cite the Gump Station in any presentations or publications resulting from your visit to Moorea. For example: "This paper is contribution # xxx of UC Berkeley's Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research Station, Moorea, French Polynesia."
  4. Please send us PDF reprints of any publications.

Grant Applications

When submitting a proposal for funding to support proposed research in Moorea, please send us the title and an abstract of your proposal (NB: this will be considered public information unless you explicitly specify intellectual property you wish to remain confidential).

Please include rough dates and facilities requirements so we can let you know whether we have the capacity to support the proposed project and whether government permits will be issued. We will distribute your abstract to the research community and government in French Polynesia for their comments.

A letter of support from the Gump Station and/or the French Polynesian government can also be requested.

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