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Use of Facilities

The University of California Berkeley’s Richard B. Gump Research Station is dedicated to research and education, and consequently, these are the priorities of its staff and the sole use of its facilities. The Station is run according to an honor system. We do not constantly monitor visitors but serious breaches of trust are likely to lead to permanent expulsion from the Station. Please remember that the facilities are shared and everyone has an equal right to their use.

If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let the staff know. Our job is to ensure that you achieve your research and educational goals as safely, efficiently and enjoyably as possible.


  • Neil Davies: Executive Director
  • Frank Murphy: Associate Director - Scientific Operations
  • Hinano Teavai-Murphy: Associate Director - Administration & Outreach
  • Jacques You Sing: Maintenance and Grounds
  • Valentine Brotherson: Administrative Assistant
  • Tony You Sing: Mechanic
  • Irma You Sing: Housekeeper


Same time zone as Hawaii (i.e., 2 hours behind California time during the northern winter and 3 hours behind California during the northern summer).


The Station operates under UC regulations and French Polynesia laws. In particular, we emphasize that the use and/or possession of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden. The Gump Station staff is obliged to report any breach of the laws on illegal drugs to local law enforcement, leading to immediate expulsion from the Station and potential criminal proceedings in local courts.

Other laws and regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Wearing seatbelts is compulsory (please report any problems with the belts in the cars to a member of staff)
2. Smoking is prohibited within buildings
3. Pets are not allowed at the Station, nor are the Station animals allowed in any building.
4. Neither vehicles nor boats must be used under the influence of alcohol


Emergency Services - Dial 18

If you have a minor problem, there is a First Aid kit in the dorm and the Pharmacist in Maharepa is helpful. For a more serious problem, call the local doctor (see phone numbers below).
The doctors hours are: Mon-Fri 7-12 and 2-6; Sat 7-12 and 5-6; Sun/holiday 8-10am.
The pharmacy hours are: Mon-Fri 7:30-12 and 2-5; Sat 8-12 and 3:30-6; Sun 8-11am.


Limited housekeeping services are provided in the community areas (e.g., sweeping of the dorm classroom/living room, cleaning the dorm bathrooms, laundering the floor mats, dishtowels and once a week the bed linens). Visitors are responsible for their own rooms, and for washing their dishes.


1. Rats, mice, ants, and roaches are a problem if cooking areas and other places with food are not kept scrupulously clean. Please clean all surfaces and put all food away (including unpeeled fruit). Put trash out every night in a closed bag in the large trash bins next to the road.
Please comply with the recycling instructions posted in the kitchen and on the green trash containers. There is recycling on Moorea. Clean and empty plastic bottles without lids, cans, soda cans, cardboard, and newspapers are collected. Glass bottles, batteries and oil can be deposed of in facilities at the local supermarket and gas station.

2. The flash-heaters, stoves and barbecues use propane from small tanks. There is an extra tank near the barbeque. If the propane runs out, change the tank and make sure that the empty tank gets exchanged for a full one at ARE, the local supermarket. Charge it to the Station account.

3. At the end of your stay please clean out your food from the shelves and fridges.


There are washing machines (detergent is provided) and dryers in the dorm and in the housekeeping/workshop structure on the hill side of the road.


1. Violent and major crimes are very unusual on Moorea but petty theft is not unusual. So, when you are out-and-about on Moorea, don’t leave your snorkeling gear, bicycle, etc. unattended. Make sure that you lock your bicycle and have someone stay with your gear when you go snorkeling at the public beach.

2. On the Station, don’t leave SCUBA gear, Walkmans, CD’s, sunglasses etc. unattended in plain view. They could also get stolen. It is advisable to lock the waterfront bungalows (rm. 8-11). Note that the dock and 3 meters from the water are public property in French Polynesia. Keep lockers, kayaks and the fuel shed near the dock locked (we have had gas tanks stolen from the fuel shed).

3. Please exercise discretion about inviting people you do not know very well inside Station buildings – you are responsible for your guests and you should remain with them while they are on Station property.


Do not adopt local animals or in any way encourage them onto the Station property (e.g., feeding them). Animals are not allowed in any of the buildings.  Any animals found at the Station will be removed immediately by Station staff.


Moorea has some of the most expensive electrical power in the world. Please turn off lights, fans and appliances when you are not using them. The electrical system is somewhat sporadic and power is interrupted regularly. Do not leave anything plugged in and turned on that will be damaged by outages or voltage surges. Moorea has 220 Volt 60 cycle electricity. If you plug a US appliance (110 Volt) into the European wall power sockets, it will be immediately destroyed. Beware of adaptors that allow you to insert American plugs into the local European (French-style) sockets – always double check your appliance can handle 220V. Most laptops are OK because they have a built in transformer. The Station has transformers to convert 220v into 110v. These transformers draw 10% of their rated capacity when not in use. Please turn off or unplug transformers when you are not using them.


Moorea has a municipal water system that provides all inhabitants with fresh water. There is no filtration system and the sediment load and water pressure vary depending upon the amount of rain that has fallen recently. Flow is usually just a trickle. Gump has its own water pressure system for hot and some of the cold water. This system uses tanks that are filled with city water and then the water is delivered via a pressure pump to keep constant water pressure. Excessive use of water at the Station can cause these tanks to empty and we will be without water for several hours. As a result, please make sure the toilet that you’ve just flushed stops running or it will drain the tank.


Many locals drink the municipal water, but many do not, especially after heavy rains. The water is fine for cooking, brushing teeth etc. but most housing at the Station has a separate (small) faucet attached to a filtration system; use this for drinking water.


Moorea does not have a sewage system. Everyone uses septic systems that rely upon bacterial action and are thus highly susceptible to overfilling and chemical imbalance. Do not use chlorine-based cleaners in toilets. Do not put any chemicals other than normal household ones down any drain or toilet. To help the bacterial breakdown of the sewage, please don’t put any trash or feminine hygiene products down the toilet -- there are trash receptacles in each toilet stall for these.


Mailing Address: UC Berkeley Gump Station, BP 244, Maharepa - 98728, Moorea, French Polynesia

Visitors are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptop, but the Station does provide a few machines for shared use.

Do not assume that any files left on general use Station computers will still be there when you come back. The Station is NOT responsible for backing them up, and periodically the hard-drives are erased, without prior warning, during routine maintenance. So please ensure that you back up your work to mobile storage media after each session.

There is a laser printer available for use on the LAN in the library. The Station provides the toner but please buy your own paper. The same applies to the photocopier. Note that the local paper size is the European standard A4.


Markets tend to open at 6 am, close for lunch from 12 about 6 p.m. Most markets are open on Sundays for only a short time in the early morning (e.g., ARE is open 6am to 8am). Banks are open on weekdays only (there is an ATM in Maharepa and at Club Med); usually 8-12 and 1:30-4. All the banks exchange dollars for francs and charge a per-transaction fee. The post office is open during the following hours: Mon-Thur 7:30-12 and 1:30-4; Fri 7:30-12 and 1:30-3; Sat 7:30-9:30 . Many other stores sell stamps.


The local currency is CFP (Pacific Francs) which is fixed to the EURO (in 2005 the exchange rate was approximately 100 CFP / US$). French Polynesia has announced plans to switch completely to the EURO in the next few years, though at the time of writing, no firm timetable has been determined.

There are bank machines at the airports and shopping centers. Most bank machines accept debit or credit cards from major international banks (VISA, MASTERCARD). Most stores and restaurants accept credit cards.


There is a small tool kit available to visitors in the SCUBA compressor room. The tools should be used in the wet lab and returned immediately after use. Please do not take tools out of the other worksheds. If you need more tools or any assistance, please ask Frank, Jacques or Tony (their priorities are safety, sanitation, research and teaching related repairs). If anything is broken, leave a note on the board in the main dorm, or tell a member of staff, and it will be fixed as soon as possible.


MAIN OFFICE - VAL (8am - 5pm): 56.13.74 (Tel) , 56.32.72 (Fax)


NEIL: 72.25.00 (Vini-Cell)
FRANK: 79 99 36 (Vini-Cell)
BUNGALOW 1: 56.48.24
DORM: 56.57.22



DOCTOR: 56.32.32
HOSPITAL (at Afareaitu): 56.24.24 or 56.23.23
GENDARMERIE: 55.25.05 (or 17 for town police)
DENTIST (Dr. Avet): 56.32.44

CRIOBE: 56.13.45
AIR MOOREA: 55.06.01
AIR TAHITI: 86.42.42
HAWAIIAN: 42.15.00
VOYAGENCE (Travel Agent): 42.72.13
MOOREA FERRY/EXPRESS (at Vaiare): 56 43 43
AREMITI FERRY (at Vaiare): 56.31.10


Note that most places close for lunch and that alcohol cannot be purchased at stores after 6pm or at all on Sunday and holidays. Please let us know if you notice any of these have changed.
Store Day Morning Afternoon
Stores in general M-F 7:30-11:30 1:30-5
Sa 7:30-12 Closed
Bank of Tahiti M-F 8-12 1:30-4:30
Bank of Polynesia M-F 7:45-12 1:15-3:45
Post Office M-Th 7:30-12 1:30-4
F 7:30-12 1:30-3:00
Sa 7:30-09 Closed
Doctor in Maharepa M-F 7-12 2-6
Sa 7-12 2-6
ARE supermarket M-Sa 6-12 2-6
Su 5:30-8 Closed
Tran Pharmacy M-F 7:30-12 2-5:30
Sa 8:00-12 3:30-6
Su 8:00-11 Closed