The Gump Station hosts a variety of people - from course instructors, to affiliate faculty to researchers to staff. Search through our directory and use the filter tool to select various categories of people who work here at The Gump Station.

Namesort icon Position Institution
Eric Potsdam Professor University of Florida
Erica Spotswood Graduate Student Fellow (NGS International Ecostations) University of California, Berkeley
Erwan Delrieu-Trottin PhD Student CRIOBE
Forest Rohwer San Diego State University
Franck Lerouvreur Dive Manager CNRS-EPHE: CRIOBE
Frank Murphy Associate Director - Scientific Operations University of California, Berkeley
George Hecht Researcher
George Roderick Professor University of California, Berkeley
Giacomo Bernardi Professor of EEBiology University of California Santa Cruz
Gustav Paulay Professor, Curator of Marine Malacology University of Florida
Hannah Stewart Attaché Temporaire de Recherche et d'Enseignement West Vancouver lab Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Herenui Mahuta Intern University of French Polynesia
Hinano Teavai-Murphy Associate Director - Administration & Outreach University of California, Berkeley
Hivanui Maiarii Intern University of French Polynesia
Hsiu-chin Lin Post-doc University of Florida
Hunter Lenihan Associate Professor, School of Envrionmental Science & Management University of California Santa Barbara
Irma You Sing Housekeeper
J.T. Boehm Graduate Student
Jacques You Sing Maintenance et skipper
James Bartolome Professor University of California, Berkeley
James Hench Assistant Professor Duke University
James Leichter Associate Professor UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography
James Thomas Professor Nova Oceanographic Center
Jean-Louis Menou Researcher
Jean-Yves Meyer Research Officer French Polynesia - Research Department
Jeff Shima Senior Lecturer , Director of the Victoria University Coastal Ecology Lab Victoria University Wellington
Jenna Moore Undergraduate Researcher University of Florida
Jennifer Kahn Assistant Anthropologist, Research Archaeologist Bishop Museum
Jennifer Smith Assistant Professor UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Jere H. Lipps Professor University of California Berkeley