The Gump Station hosts a variety of people - from course instructors, to affiliate faculty to researchers to staff. Search through our directory and use the filter tool to select various categories of people who work here at The Gump Station.

Namesort icon Position Institution
Willow Jorgensen University of Hawaii
Vince Resh Professor University of California Berkeley
Victoria Sork Professor University of California, Los Angeles
Vetea Liao Molecular lab technician Gump station
Valentine Brotherson Administrative Assistant University of California, Berkeley
Tony You Sing Maintenance and Mechanics
Todd Osmundson Researcher UC Berkeley
Timothy Duane Professor University of California Santa Cruz
Sylvain Charlat Researcher CNRS University of Lyon
Stephen Monismith Professor Stanford University
Slava Ivanenko Researcher Moscow State University
Shay Boutillier Graduate Student University of California Berkeley
Shane Geange Graduate Student Fellow (NGS International Ecostations) Victoria University Wellington
Serge Planes Director CNRS-EPHE: CRIOBE
Sebastian Teunissen Adjunct Professor and Executive Director University of California, Berkeley
Scott Fay Graduate Student University of California Berkeley
Sally MacIntyre Professor University of California Santa Barbara
Sally Holbrook Professor of Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology University of California, Santa Barbara
Sal Genovese Director Three Seas Program Northeastern University
Sabine Brels Research Officer
Ruth Gates Assistant Researcher University of Hawaii
Russell Schmitt Professor University of California, Santa Barbara
Roy Caldwell Professor University of Califnornia Berkeley
Rosemary Gillespie Director, Essig Museum of Entomology University of California, Berkeley
Ron Englund Professor
Robert Tjian Professor University of California, Berkeley
Robert Price Vice Chancellor for Research University of California Berkeley
Robert Carpenter Professor California State University, Northridge
Rick Hochberg Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts Lowell
Richard Pyle Associate Zoologist Bishop Museum