The Gump Station hosts a variety of people - from course instructors, to affiliate faculty to researchers to staff. Search through our directory and use the filter tool to select various categories of people who work here at The Gump Station.

Name Positionsort icon Institution
Robert Price Vice Chancellor for Research University of California Berkeley
Jenna Moore Undergraduate Researcher University of Florida
Benoit Espiau Technician CNRS-EPHE: CRIOBE
Ashok J. Gadgil Senior Scientist, Deputy Director in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Professor Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jeff Shima Senior Lecturer , Director of the Victoria University Coastal Ecology Lab Victoria University Wellington
Nicole Phillips Senior Lecturer Victoria University of Wellington
Michael P. Hamilton Reserve Director, Blue Oak Ranch Reserve University of California Berkeley
Cory Pittman Researcher
George Hecht Researcher
Jean-Louis Menou Researcher
Antoine de Ramon N'Yeurt Researcher
Lydiane Mattio Researcher
Joseph Poupin Researcher
Slava Ivanenko Researcher Moscow State University
Sylvain Charlat Researcher CNRS University of Lyon
Matthew McElroy Researcher UC Berkeley
Diana Percy Researcher University of British Columbia
Lydia Smith Researcher UC Berkeley
Todd Osmundson Researcher UC Berkeley
Jon Norenburg Research Zoologist and Curator of Nemertea Smithonian Institution
Craig Nelson Research Scientist University of California Santa Barbara
Jean-Yves Meyer Research Officer French Polynesia - Research Department
Eleonora Avagliano Research Officer University of California, Berkeley
Sabine Brels Research Officer
Gustav Paulay Professor, Curator of Marine Malacology University of Florida
Daniela Rus Professor, Associate Director CSAIL MIT
Giacomo Bernardi Professor of EEBiology University of California Santa Cruz
Sally Holbrook Professor of Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology University of California, Santa Barbara
Craig Moritz Professor and Director, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology University of California, Berkeley
George Roderick Professor University of California, Berkeley