Affiliate Faculty are proposed by the director and reviewed by the advisory board each year. They are PhD level researchers and/or professors who have a long term association with the Gump Station. They include principal and associate investigators of research projects, supervisors of multiple graduate students, instructors in recurring undergraduate classes, and members of the Gump Station's advisory board.

Namesort icon Institution
Alice L. Alldredge University of California Santa Barbara
Andrew J. Brooks University of California Santa Barbara
Ashok J. Gadgil Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chris Meyer Smithsonian Institution
Claude Payri Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
Craig Carlson University of California Santa Barbara
Craig Moritz University of California, Berkeley
Craig Osenberg University of Florida
Daniel M. Kammen University of California Berkeley
David Jacobs University of California Los Angeles
Eldredge Bermingham Smithsonian Institution
Forest Rohwer San Diego State University
George Roderick University of California, Berkeley
Giacomo Bernardi University of California Santa Cruz
Hannah Stewart West Vancouver lab Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Hunter Lenihan University of California Santa Barbara
James Bartolome University of California, Berkeley
James Hench Duke University
James Leichter UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Jean-Yves Meyer French Polynesia - Research Department
Jeff Shima Victoria University Wellington
Jennifer Kahn Bishop Museum
Jo-Ann Leong University of Hawaii
Larry Coleman University of California Davis
Larry Smarr University of California, San Diego